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Blue Moon – May 31st

For most of us living here in the Northern Hemisphere, this Thursday May 31st, 2007 will present us with the second full moon of the month. This phenomenon is also referred to as a Blue Moon.

Blue Moon

Although never really turning blue, the atmosphere does play its part in whether or not, anything in the sky, actually appears to have colour. Things like forest fires or volcanic eruptions effect the way we see the stars and planets. At this point, the moon can change color to look blue or even purple. At times even the sun can take on a bluish color due to soot and dust particles in the air!
Even two full moons in one month is not really rare as it happens about every 32 months or so. For those living in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, that same full Moon occurs after midnight, on the calendar date of June 1. So in these regions of world, this will not be second of two full Moons in May, but the first of two full Moons in June. So, if (for example) you live London, you’ll have to wait until June 30 to declare that the Moon is “officially” blue.

So get out your telescope or even your binoculars, put ‘Ol Blue Eyes or That’s Amore your MP3 player and Moostruck in your DVD, grab your sweatie and take a look at the moon. If lucky it may also appear to be blue, either way it is just too cool.

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