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Friday July 13th – Port Dover

Coming in July is the second Friday the 13th of the year and unlike the one in April , the weather can only be better: after all, the summer only promises this right?

Well that is what the sleepy town of Port Dover is anticipating, along with the anticipation of approximately 150,000 to 250,000 motorcyclists who will make their way to this sleepy lakeside town, in what promises to be yet another great gathering.

As noted before, this well organized event will be the hit of the summer. This time the PD13 organization has a really great line-up: one that includes none other than John Kay and Steppenwolf. This world famous band is scheduled to be on stage in Silver Lane Park located four blocks from downtown Port Dover.
In the 1960’s Steppenwolf embodied that era’s social, political, and philosophical uneasiness while performing it’s edgy rock ‘n roll style that has given them more than four decades of memorable hits. Songs such as “Magic Carpet Ride”, “Rock Me”, “Monster” and the ever famous motorcycle anthem “Born to be Wild”. In addition to being the first band to use the term “heavy metal”, the anthem “Born to Be Wild” along with Steppenwolf’s punchy style, helped to establish the fundamentals of the hard-rock sound that would flourish in the 1970s.

The concert is being organized by the Joe Chithalen Memorial Musical Instrument Lending Library (Joe M.I.L.L.) an organization that provides musical instruments to youthful musicians and most of the money from ticket sales will help establish a Joe M.I.L.L. in Port Dover.

What maybe little known information to most is that Dan Ackroyd, famous Canadian comedian/actor/singer/song writer/Emmy Award winner, supports this organization and it’s rumoured that he too will be on hand… who knows, Dan could also take the stage and provide a concert that could be truly special. It is also rumoured that this will be Steppenwolf’s LAST Canadian appearance so I encourage all fans to get out to Port Dover and enjoy the day. Tickets will be available in the near future (if not already) from ticket outlets.
Update: The Jeff Healey Band will also be performing. Tickets are $69.50 Yikes!.

This could be just a day ride for most, but I think this particular event may make you feel like drinking… summer and beer seem to go hand-in-hand and therefore staying overnight could be your best option. Never drink and drive! Next year, June is the month for the event and I believe it will be the only one for 2008, but the warm weather will obviously bring out more people.

Since the cycle is down for a major overhaul, I may rent one for this wild and crazy event. Hoping to arrive the night before and leave the day after, accommodation will book up quickly, so book early to firm your plans. There is also a “Biker’s Only” tent site costing $20 per person and you can email your request for space here.
I may need to call in a favour from a close friend located in another small town close by. The people watching should be awesome as we know biker’s come in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life… not to mention the women and their fashion statements.

For pics from April, take a look here while I wrote about the adventure here.

Till Next Time…. Ride Safe, Be Good and See Ya’ll There…
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