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Cool Summer Contest #2 – Enter to Win a 2008 Harley Davidson.

Posted by gottabkd on Thursday, May 24, 2007

Contests are fun and contests for cool toys and gadgets are even funner….

So here is one for all Motorcycle enthusiasts… Harley Davidson of Canada, is offering a 2008 Harley Davidson as the winning prize in their summer “Tell us your story and win” contest.
It’s simple: go to, write a 400 word story about “where/when it all began for you”, answer a few more question and then hit enter.
Contest is open from April to July 31st, 2007, limited to one entry per person/email address and open to all residents (of legal age) of Canada.


You may as well enter cause you never know, you could actually win right? Even if you are not a big Harley fan, should you win the bike you can always sell it. Heck if you add some chrome to it, you could probably sell it for more. No matter what, it’s a great deal and you could win any 2008 Harley Davidson that is in stock at the time, except Buell and limited edition Harley’s. Contest sponsor is Deeley Harley of Canada.

Go for it…. Till Next Time….Tags: , , ,

*Promotional Period: April 1, 2007 through July 31, 2007. Always ride with a helmet. Ride defensively. Distributed exclusively in Canada by Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada, Richmond and Concord. Deeley Harley-Davidson® Canada is a proud sponsor of Muscular Dystrophy Canada. © 2007 H-D. Harley-Davidson and the Bar & Shield logo are among the trademarks of H-D Michigan, Inc.


4 Responses to “Cool Summer Contest #2 – Enter to Win a 2008 Harley Davidson.”

  1. Erin Pretty said

    I am entering this contest to try and win a new harley for my X-HUSBAND…during our marriage he got laid off from the fall of NORTEL and I was pregnant also at the time…in order to support his family he had to sell his custome soft tail…we each had a motorcycle and he made the decision that his would be sold…he has never gotten over loosing his bike…our son is now six and there is just no getting a new one in site…we share mine back and forth…I do not mind but if there was any thing I could do for him in life I would replace his bike….most men I feel would have made me sell mine…my mom is a minister so I will ask her to talk with the “BIG GUY” and see what happens….thank you and god bless….cheers…Erin

  2. gottabkd said

    Wow Erin that is so sweet… not many people are that friendly with their Ex’s to do that for them….. I hope you visited and entered your story there as they are the contest holders.
    Good luck and let me know if you win OK 😉
    God Bless you too

  3. sean sikes said

    the resone i wont to win this harly is becouse i never got my dad a birthday present and i felt realy bad becous he has nothing he lost every thing in a our house so this is how i wont to repay him for all his hard work to be getting us a house so please if you could help me get him his first birthday present for me?.

  4. gottabkd said

    Hey Sean…
    I hope you entered at the site, but I think this contest is over now.
    You can go to the site and see if they have another one going on.
    Good luck 😉

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