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Spring and Summer Contests!

Posted by gottabkd on Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Summer and springtime always brings on the contests everywhere, for just about everything. The way I see it, it can be fun to enter and even better if you win. Why not try, as the entry forms are usually pretty simple. Just remember that if you do not want to receive the regular emails, DO NOT put a check-mark in the box. This way you can enter the contest and not worry that your email will suddenly fill up with spam. I also DO NOT put a check-mark in the box that usually says something like this: “On occasion, some of our affiliates or partners will send out”….. No thanks, no check-mark.

So I will add a new contest category and try to bring you varied contests for you and your families.

It’s impossible to list them all, but trust me they should be good enough that I may add this as a page onto itself.
If the link is broken, please feel free to post a comment.
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First one up is one for everyone who loves pizza.

It’s Hot’nFresh or it’s free!

pp logoHotnFresh

Pizza Pizza is celebrating their 40th year anniversary… Can you believe it? 40 years. This franchise is a staple in the Canadian geographic of pizzadom and they always have good contests. Did you know, PizzaPizzatop logothat for certain baseball games, if certain things are accomplished by the Toronto Blue Jays, you can get a free slice of pizza. In the beginning all the Toronto Blue Jays had to do was win the game. Tickets holders then had until closing that night, to get their free slice. Cool eh?
Any who… Visit the site for the offers this year. You may need to join to vie or print coupons, but it is free to do that.

The Contest.

Right now you can enter on-line to win one of 40 leather Roots bags valued at $200 Cdn.
No purchase necessary, one entry per person, but if you send the notice to your friends and they enter, you receive another entry. Ontario residents only.
Ends July 31st, 2007.

Pizza Pizza contest homepage .
Go here to complete the form.
The official Pizza Pizza homepage here .
Take a look at their menu here, and yes they do have healthy cholesterol free choices

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