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Happy Friday the 13th

Posted by gottabkd on Friday, April 13, 2007

Yay, the day is here…. unfortunately I cannot say “So is the Sun”….. but hey, I live in Canada ya no?…. And quite frankly… spring may have sprung but mother nature is still asleep….. 🙂

As I write this, I am in the process of getting my act together, putting on some warm clothes on and packing up the car for a nice Spring drive into the country…. Ha-Ha…. My camera is packed and the first stop will be Tim Horton’s for a coffee and a bagel, then the gas station to fill up and check the oil, then off to pick up my friend who booked the day off to travel with me…. nothing better than when things all fall together and a plan goes as planned….. Then we’re off to Port Dover on the lake Erie shores to witness the motorcycles as they show up and strut their stuff….

No I am not riding down, yes I am a wuss, so what, but at least I am not stuck in an office itching to end the day so that the weekend will start….. and I am going to Port Dover….. You?

I really have no idea what to expect…. the weather is not cooperating… so I am sure today will not have the same volume of turn-out as Friday July 13th 2007 will probably have, but so what….. Half the fun is the anticipation of the unknown…. and the anticipation of a great riding season…. so off I go, to take pictures and just enjoy the day. Cheers!

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