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Friday the 13th.

Posted by gottabkd on Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Friday the 13th happens twice a year, two months only, every year. No big deal to most people, unless you have some weird superstitious beliefs of course, but a big deal in the motorcycling industry…and Port Dover…. Why? Because twice a year, in only two months a year, in rain, shine, snow or sleet, riders from everywhere gather in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada for…. well…. basically a good time….

It all began back in 1981 when some 25 friends decided to get together in the small Canadian town of Port Dover. Chris Simons, who owns a bike shop called Biker’s Delight wanted to get together with his friends and fellow bikers. They met at the Commercial Hotel, now known as Angelos of Dover, one day in November. It was cold and it was a Friday…. the 13th of November. They all had such a good time that they decided to continue the tradition every Friday the 13th and thus the event was born….. This year the two Friday the 13ths fall in April and July and yes the months change every year.

With only two every year and since it’s inception, the event has grown astronomically, from the first 25 fellows to now more than thousands of motorcyclists & enthusiasts who drive, walk, crawl to this event; one that just gets bigger every year. Dubbed PD13 a visit to the website will give more information. Even this sleepy town has come to enjoy the event and the tourism dollars it brings to the area. The official Norfolk County website explains this event like this:

“Like the irresistible force of migrating birds, motorcycle enthusiasts flock to Port Dover every Friday 13th!

An amazing display of motorcycles!”

The first story I heard many years ago was that a restaurant in the area served the best buffalo wings going or maybe it was fish and chips…. A group of motorcyclists, with nothing better to do, decided to “get on and go”. It turned out to be in a month that had a Friday the 13th and so the tradition began.

No matter how it started, the event gives all MC enthusiasts a reason to get together and talk/display/purchase all things bikes. In the warmer months, more people turn this day into a “get-away-weekend” while enjoying the countryside, bed & breakfasts along the route and the hospitality of this small town; during the colder months Friday the 13th still draws a fair crowd and even some die-hard riders. This Friday April the 13th could be a cold one, but with a week to go, it could all turn sunny and warm.

The best way to get there:

From Windsor/Detroit:

1 – Take the 401 East from the border all the way to Highway #59.
2 – Take #59 South to Highway #3 (at Delhi).
3 – Go East on #3 Highway passing through Simcoe’s north end of town until you reach the intersection of #3 highway and the Blue Line road. (stop Lights).
4 – Turn right at this intersection heading South on the Blue Line road until you reach #6 Highway.
5 – When you reach #6 Highway turn left, heading East.
6 – This road will bring you right into the heart of Friday the 13th.

From Toronto:

1 – Take the 403 West to the Highway #24 exit (just West of Brantford).
2 – Take #24 Highway South until you reach the intersection of #24 and #3 Highway.
3 – Turn left {East} on #3 Highway.
4 – Follow #3 Highway until you reach the Blue Line Road stop lights. Turn right heading South.
5 – Follow the Blue Line road until you reach #6 Highway, turn left {East} on #6. Follow #6 into Port Dover.

From Buffalo, New York:

1 – Over the border at Fort Erie, take Highway #3 West.
2 – Take Highway #3 until you reach the intersection of #3 Highway and the Blue Line road stop light.
3 – Turn left at the intersection heading South until you reach #6 Highway.
4 – Turn left on #6 Highway heading East.
5 – This Highway will bring you to Downtown Port Dover.

So if your itching to get spring under way and the weather cooperates, why not jump on and go to Port Dover next week… Friday April 13th….

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  2. Are you going?

  3. gottabkd said

    Friday the 13th is always a fun event and if I go this April I probably won’t be riding (*wussy that I am*), but you never know if the weather will turn to good. Riding in the cold… is well…. colder than standing still, as the wind chill kicks in big time.
    If I don’t attend this one, then hopefully July 13th, 2007 will see me there. 😉

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