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I’m Dreaming of a White Easter!

Posted by gottabkd on Tuesday, April 3, 2007

No seriously…. although spring has sprung the weather does not seem to be cooperating and the Easter bunny will be made of snow this year, not chocolate.

Spring arrived (officially) on March on March 22nd and along with it came one nice day of sunshine, motorcyclists, shorts and T-shirts…. but that was it. From then on it rained with only the occasional “no rain today” day, yeah!. And that was hard enough.

Now the weather is dropping like an icicle on a winters day. Dropping so much that snow should arrive by Thursday or Fridays and then just remain until….. the heat arrives . I mean really now… it’s April already…. Spring showers should bring May flowers right ? Not snowstorms nor minus any temperatures!

Yello Rose

None of this is really surprising though as in years past we have had some major snowstorms as late as April 15th. Four years in a row now, mother nature has bombarded us without mercy, right in the middle of April. Years ago this was a phenomena, but now it seems like a yearly event. So I wait patiently…. ok not really patiently but I await just the same.

How do I remember this you ask? So you didn’t really ask but I’m betting you wonder why I remember…. I know this for sure because as a retired Motorcycle Instructor, we always had a seasonal bet going on as to when, officially no weatherly (?), when would spring arrive?

After freezing one’s tushy off while teaching Squids to remain in a vertical position while maneuvering a vehicle with only two wheels, for far too many years, one gets to hedge on the later side of springs arrival. This all being done when your standing on the pavement of a very large parking, with no cover around you, you learn. You learn to bring/wear more clothes than should be normally necessary, you learn to bring an umbrella and rain gear, you learn to bring hot chocolate in a very large thermos and more importantly…. One learns NOT to book any teachings before May 1st. (nor later that Sept. 30th although courses are offered until mid October).

I-For-One learned this lesson early. More times than not, during the month of April, winter does revisit Ontario, usually with a big bang, big enough to make one want to move to warmer climes. It’s not pretty…. really…. as the chill gets into your bones, deep inside to the point of no return, and you standing there with icicles dripping from your nose, and you know they paid big bucks to be here (why is beyond me) so you give it your all, only to be near death from freezing your butt off during the weekend.

No my friend, I learned NOT to have any bookings until the temp reaches above plus 10 for more than five days in a row ….thank you very much….. after all, mama didn’t raise no fool….. LOL 😉

Bring on the warmer temps please…. Watch, it will be a hot, hot summer to come!

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2 Responses to “I’m Dreaming of a White Easter!”

  1. Yeah, yeah. Grass is always greener. Down here in Houston it’s 70s-80s, humid, the trees are spewing happy spring spores so much that my maroon car is actually a lovely chartreuse with a maroon fade, and the mosquitoes are out in droves, so there is no enjoying sitting outside unless you’re covered in bug spray and doped up on allergy meds.

    🙂 Just trying to make you feel better…

    Happy Easter!

  2. gottabkd said

    Yup, the grass is always greener, but come on now, you get more sunshine than we have total hot days for the summer. At least your “seeing spring” happen when it’s supposed too, we’re still waiting.
    Amytime you want to freeze your butt off, come on up between November and April… the door is always open, to you.
    Guess the weather everywhere is going through it’s issues.

    Happy Easter to you too 🙂

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