Patience is a Virtue That Keeps on Giving

You all know the saying "when it rains its pours". It usually refers to the fact that when things go wrong, everything goes wrong. Yet there are things that happen which are beyond your control. The weather is a good example of this and apparently cyberspace is another. Especially if you allow other's to have… Continue reading Patience is a Virtue That Keeps on Giving

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Test Your Dirty IQ. A Play on Words.

How is your mind orientated? Check it out here. If this is posted correctly, just highlight the space in-between the brackets to get the correct answers. 1. When I go in I might cause pain. I cause you to spit and ask you not to swallow. I can fill your hole. What am I?(dentist) 2. A… Continue reading Test Your Dirty IQ. A Play on Words.

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A Fatal Exception Has Occurred! Digital Journal Goes Down. Yikes!

Back-up, Back-up, Back-up!!! In the world of technology we all know this to be true. Whether or not we actually implement it, even though we know we should, when the servers go down it can have a major effect on a business. Digital Journal, a social news site that pays it's users to report the… Continue reading A Fatal Exception Has Occurred! Digital Journal Goes Down. Yikes!

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He is Finally Gone!!

After 38 million votes were cast last night, Sanjaya leaves American Idol tonight. Finally!! With a tearful exit, Sanjaya wore a T-Shirt proclaiming LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL and sang his heart out while tearing up and letting the river of sadness kick in.... oh boo-who... can you feel his pain? I guess Howard Stern's "people" either… Continue reading He is Finally Gone!!

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6 Step Motorcycle Spring Tune-Up.

As the weather begins to warm, ever so slightly, motorcyclists everywhere are itching to get out there and ride. In light of the ensuing season, I wanted to bring you some tune-up tips that can get you started and your motorcycle ready for riding, before you ride. Spring Tune-up - of course, I always recommend… Continue reading 6 Step Motorcycle Spring Tune-Up.

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Get Washed For Half Price!

Until April 30th, 2007 you can get clean for half price at Sunoco. Not you the human, but your car silly, LOL 😉 Apparently Sunoco is doing this to "say thanks" to their customer for being so patient during the recent gas shortage, "In recognition of our customers’ patience and understanding, we are offering half… Continue reading Get Washed For Half Price!