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Tyra Kills Off Models!

Posted by gottabkd on Saturday, March 24, 2007

And the activists are up in arms about it.

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On the recent episode of Americas Next Top Model, the wannabes did a shoot based on a CSI theme of found bodies, dead ones at the scene of their crimes. The models portrayed victims of electrocution, shot in the head, drowning, decapitation, organs stolen, thrown off the roof, poisoned, thrown down the stairs and a victim of a stabbing.

Some are very suspired that Tyra did this shoot because they believe that if her show is to help change the image of young girls everywhere, then why would Tyra do a shoot that clearly is the opposite to that?

In an article on MSN , the president of the New York chapter of the National Organization For Women is quoted as saying:

“Violence against women is such a reality in our society that I certainly don’t need the entertainment industry making entertainment out of it.”

She does have a point to some degree, but I think sometimes we all take this stuff too seriously and are quick to react without being informed. Do you really think she watches the show? Maybe, maybe not but she sure has an opinion about it and was probably never asked if she watches the show. Is she correct? Well….

The process the models went through, donning FX type make-up, getting into character that hopefully pulls an emotion or two out of the girls is really what it’s all about. It has nothing to do with making any kind of political statement what so ever! And if you did not like this shoot, and you watch the show, I would like to know how you felt about the clown photo shoot, or the circus photo shoot or even the male impression photo shoot all of which had controversial connotations behind them yet no one came forward to balk at those themes, now did you? Some may even think the Naked photo shoot, where you never really see anything, is in bad taste and should not be part of the show. The point is, each photo session evokes emotions, thoughts and controversy in a effort to make a good photo. Tyra stretches the girls into zone of uncomfortableness (is that a word?) because she knows the demand of the industry will do just that to each of these girls once they get there. Is she wrong for doing that? I personally don’t know… I have never been a model.

The MSN article when on to say that the message boards for the show were hot and furious to react as well. Hmmmm, I read all eight pages of the comments (76 of them in all) and I have to say that the majority of the comments talked more about Felicia's departure from the show and not so much about the controversial theme. In fact, there were only a half dozen or so very vocal comments about the theme with the majority of commenters understanding that it is part of the process of the show.

In one quote on the forum from ChocolateStu:

“Okay, first of all, let me just say that the whole point of this show is to see how well the girls hold up in controversial circumstances and shoots. Remember when KariDee almost got hypothermia last season? They try to push them to do outrageous shoots so that when they really get into the modeling world, they’ll be prepared for anything. That’s all this shoot was – it wasn’t meant to promote violence or murder, it was just something challenging to put the girls through. It was made to be difficult, not to get young girls to think death is glamorous…..”

The most damaging quote came from a ConcernedWomen who said:

“The idea of creating a CSI-type photo shoot was appalling to me! Quite frankly, I would have thought Tyra would not have used such a dangerous theme to her show. The idea of making murder of women sexy and de-sensitizing the public even more by glorifying murder in this way was a message I am surprised this show stooped to deliver. Yes, the modeling industry is notorious for objectifying women and that is the nature of the beast, but using graphic murder and making it sexy and seductive, almost as if this is acceptable in society to see women this way, is just something I was quite surprised to see. I do not regularly watch the show, but had it on tonight and turned it off. Thanks for contributing to the problem that mutilating, hurting, and murdering women is somehow mainstream and becoming far too accepted. Really poor taste, Tyra and everyone – really poor.”

Right or wrong it is a TV show… Right or wrong there are some fashion magazines that have done controversial shoot layouts in their magazines…. Right or wrong it is the process of the show to have themes that make the girls step out of the comfort zones to produce great photos….. and Right or wrong, it is controversial and not necessarily a political statement.

Judge for yourself as you can view the pictures here

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