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Your travel Personality!

You are a “Centric-Venturer Traveler“.

You fit between Venturers and Authentics but with a leaning towards the Venturer side. Three out of ten travelers (30%) place in your group, making you one of the largest segments of travelers. You have a broad interest in travel and are more flexible and adaptable than both Authentics and Venturers, with a willingness to sample new destinations.

Unlike Venturers, you prefer at least a modest selection of good hotels before you visit an area. You also favor destinations where you’re sure to find food that can be trusted and an efficient transportation system. But, when over-commercialization sets in, signified by many souvenir shops, the intrusion of fast food outlets, and the diesel smell from too many tourist buses, you will move on.

The great capitals of Europe have long been favorites, but some of these now seem overcrowded and far too expensive. Therefore, when you go to Europe you might visit smaller towns and enjoy leisurely drives through the countryside. And, when you go into villages, you particularly enjoy staying at quaint inns in contrast to well-known hotels.

Your interest in a diverse set of destinations means you could enjoy a cruise in the Greek Isles, a car trip through gold mining ghost towns in California, or a shopping spree in New York City equally well. You will probably return to a place that you particularly like every two to four years, interspersing other new destinations in between. In some respects, you can have the most satisfying travel experiences because of your ability to absorb, and like, such different types of places. If you follow the typical pattern for your personality, you travel both independently (probably with a spouse or a friend) and occasionally take a fully escorted tour. This might include international tours and domestic to see New England’s fall colors, a visit to Southern mansions, or follow historic routes as part of a tour group. Depending upon your age, the Elderhostel program is largely made up of your type.

While you don’t enjoy large cruise ships, you’ve decided that smaller cruises are more interesting than you ever thought. You especially like the fact that cruises are easy and comfortable ways to explore new places because your hotel room goes with you wherever you are and you don’t have to pack and unpack every day.

You don’t mind flying, but you’re also content to drive to your destination. And unlike many of those towards the authentic end of the scale, you sometimes fly to your destination and then rent a car so you can explore on your own. You also mix up the kinds of lodging that you use. On the same trip you might stay at a three or four star hotel, an economy/budget motel, and a B&B.

MEDIA HABITS: You enjoy quite a few shows on TV, read an occasional book, and some of the popular magazines.

SHOPPING: You don’t like paying more for anything than you have to, so while you might be interested in newfangled technological gadgets, you won’t actually purchase them until they have proven themselves in the marketplace and their prices have dropped. In general, you stick to popular brands, believing that they’ve earned their prominence in the marketplace on their quality and reliability.

SPORTS: You participate in sports such as golf, tennis, or basketball in your spare time and when you travel you enjoy leisurely hikes and bike rides.

Suggested trips:

Take a tour of the national parks in the U.S., especially by driving to these destinations.
Stay at Hana Maui resort on the remote west coast of Maui.
Check into a full-service spa in Arizona or New Mexico.
Take a small, more personally guided tour of Southern plantation homes.
Fly to San Francisco, rent a car and tour Redwood National Park, the Wine Country, and the small towns north of the Bay Area.

Take a SeaDream Yacht Club cruise from Alexandria, Egypt, to Piraeus, Greece.
Rent a car and drive around Sicily.
Check into the beachfront Canouan Island resort in the Grenadines.
Sightsee in Bangkok, Istanbul, or Shanghai.
Hike in New Zealand.
Visit the souks, bazaars, and mosques of Cairo.
Hideout at a luxury resort in the Seychelles.
Sightsee in Tokyo and nearby towns.
Book a walking safari in Zambia.
Take a historical tour of St. Petersburg and Moscow.
Snorkel in Fiji.
Take a historical tour of Pompeii.
Explore the ruins on Angkor Wat with a private guide.
Attend a music festival in Salzburg.
Take the family to an all-inclusive resort in Costa Rica.

If you haven’t noticed, if you can’t tell, I like quizzes. Today on I found this one under the banner of Condé Nast Traveller > Quizzes and is called Plog Travel Personality Quiz Take it, you may find out something about yourself.

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