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Jennifer Hudson – Good, Bad or Just Ungrateful?

Posted by gottabkd on Wednesday, March 7, 2007

We all saw her on American Idol . We saw her sing her heart out… taking the huge leap from obscurity to well….. her 15 minutes of fame. American Idol parlayed her into the spotlight by allowing her to appear on the show. She did her jennifer hudsonbest, often out shining all the others, but America spoke… And voted her off the show. Much to the surprise of everyone involved. Let’s face it we were all shocked, even Jennifer was shocked as evidenced by her face that fatefull night more than three years ago.

Fast forward to day….

Since then, her doors have opened up….. wide open…. so open to the point that she starred in a musical production of Dreamgirls and to the surprise of everyone, then became nominated for a Golden Globe award for best supporting actress, an NAACP Image award for best supporting actress in a motion picture and then an Oscar also for best supporting actress. Wow, what a winner and a coo for her.

What can we say…. we love the underdog. The one who “got kicked off” American Idol because the fans wanted it that way. Mistake? Apparently not….. Good fortune for Jennifer….. Apparently so….. But is her attitude in the right place?
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