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The Passion is Yours.

Posted by gottabkd on Monday, March 5, 2007

The way you are
So serious and strong
The vibe is clear
The passion is gone.

Not yet gone forever
As a small piece will always remain
Just dwindling away
You wonder if you should stay.

The passion is yours
It’s in your heart                                      
Only you control it
Right from the start.

To allow it to burn brightly
From day to day
Or allow it to fizzle
And dwindle away.

The passion is yours
And the choice is clear
Follow your heart
For it leads you here.
A place of safety
Though not always clear
The passion is yours
Yours my dear.

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2 Responses to “The Passion is Yours.”

  1. Donna said

    Im glad to have met you hope we can keep in touch!

  2. gottabkd said

    Hey Donna,
    I’m sure we will, especially if we swap blog links.
    Glad you made it home safe…. what a blizzard that was. LOL
    Thanks for stopping by, e you soon.

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