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OK, Enough Already. Turn it Off Will Ya !!

Posted by gottabkd on Friday, March 2, 2007

It all started last night…. late last night…. Someone with a car that includes an alarm system has had it “go off” every hour on the hour for the LAST 12 hours!!!

Enough already…. turn it off, disconnect it, move your car…. a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g pul-leeeaassee!!!

I never really thought car alarms were a good thing and here is why: You park your car, say in a lot downtown, or MY neighbourhood, and then you go do whatever it is your doing. Or better yet, you’ve parked your precious car in the Go station lot, gone to work downtown and left it there for more hours than your supposed to!

Then you go off to visit friends, a movie, or even dinner in a restaurant. Your alarm goes off. Now think about it…. how the H-E-double hockey-sticks do you think your gonna know its going off….. YOUR NOT…. so why turn it on in the first place??? Can you answer me that, please. I mean, does it send a signal to your cell phone or pager letting you know “Hey I’m waking up the neighbourhood and your not here to shut me up!! Ha Ha” NOOOOOOO. You, the fearful person who believes someone will actually steal your crappy car is nowhere to be found… Hello…. people live nearby and no one wants to hear that thing go off…. uh uh, not even the first time let alone every-hour-on-the-hour for the past 12 hours. And I do mean NO ONE!!!!

Get with the program people, car alarms are really stupid, and your just a stupid to think it’s a good thing. No… it does not scare anyone off, no… you can’t hear the alarm even if you wanted to you can’t and yes they are more a nuisance than a good thing. Can we all say stupid?


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