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Ah ha, I’ve Got Gas!

Posted by gottabkd on Tuesday, February 27, 2007

No not the flatulence kind, not the passing of wind kind, not even the kind that comes with a really good bathroom break… you know, NOT that kind.

I got the full tank kind, the one that goes into the vehicle one drives…. Ah, so what you say… your only talking gasoline!!

Well hang on a minute big bwoy. Do you know how precious that is right now, especially here in Ontario? Did you know there’s a shortage goin’ on? No, well there is and at least my tank is full…. for now.

We Ontarians are not used to this… yet here we are stuck in-between a refinery fire and a CN strike … So as a result, we have no gas.

First it started small with Esso . One day I thought hmmm, why is gas 92 cents a litre when yesterday I filled up at 79.9? This particular gas station, where I get my car washed, is out of gas…. pumps closed, people grumpy and the attendant just plain annoyed that he must remain open even without gas. So off I go to whatever meetings I had too, came home to the news and noted that “yes it is true, Esso gas stations are in fact out of gas“.

At first I thought well ok this won’t last long… but hey it’s been a week now and more suppliers are feeling the affects. Enough already. It’s all over the news and there is no end in sight. The government has yet to step in…. Alberta, the biggest oil production this side of the middle east, is unable to provide gas…. if they have sent some, then the CN trains are not providing delivery because it’s workers are on strike. Even their homepage promotes Ethanol as the alternative, as well as posts the updates on the site. So settle already why don’t ya? Come on, you know you can end it right now, if you really, really wanted to.

Ontario sucks more of this stuff up than any other province in Canada, nearly a 1/3 of all the gas consumed is done so right here in this gas guzzling province of ours. Not sure if that’s because we have more cars thus mores drivers of said cars than any other province, but it does indicate that Ontario is a major hub of transportation as a whole. Oh sure it would be easy for anyone to say “Hey take a bus why don’t ya” but even trains, busses and truckers are suffering. If it’s affecting drivers of cars, why wouldn’t you think it is also affecting drivers of other vehicles? I mean they are not running on water you know? At least not yet….

Some think it’s a conspiracy…. some big power is controlling this situation, like the government maybe and the oil companies…. OK so we all believe they do control the price of gas, so that leap is not that far fetched now is it? But doesn’t it seem a little too inconvenient? Not trying to jump on the Al Gore bandwagon here, but is the government trying to tell someone something…. maybe just maybe they are…. hello is anyone listening?

Why MUST we rely on gasoline when all over the world people are using alternative methods of fuelling their vehicles. Why are the vehicles that use alternative fuel costing consumers way too much to jump on that bandwagon? Why aren’t the manufacturers doing more to implement alternative choices to consumers? It is big business to be in business and apparently Canada is moving to slowly to get with the program. What are we so afraid of? Let’s jump right in a become a role model instead of gettin’ beat up at every turn…. I mean when I was in my teens, Canada was known for it’s Green effort… What happened since then?

And to think this is not going to cost us more for everything is well just plain foolish! As shortages continue, the prices of goods will go up, making it more difficult/costly than it is already…

Why does a Carver cost so much?

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