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Not-So-Bitter side to Chocolate

Posted by gottabkd on Saturday, February 24, 2007

We all love it yet do we know where our chocolate is coming from.

The Cacao industry has gone fair trade; meaning that they have joined forces to ensure that farmer, harvesters and traders provide a decent, fair and equitable wage to all those involved with the Chocolate industry.

Chocolate products featuring the Fair Trade logo are produced in a socially conscious manner and will usually bear a fair trade logo…


Like other fair trade products that are readily available now, fair trade chocolate is produced in a socially conscious manner that benefits everyone. In Canada the governing fair trade body is Transfair and it is their job to ensure that the products sold bearing the label adhere to a standard for that product. For example, chocolate producers must buy directly from the cocoa (base product) AND pay a fair price for the product. At their site you can search for other fair trade products to expand your purchasing power.

transfair logo


The bitter side of chocolate, means that;

1. Most cocoa farmers receive about a penny for a typical $1 chocolate bar.
2. In 2001, the International Labour Organization reported child slavery existed on many cocoa farms in the Ivory Coast, the source of 43 per cent of the world’s cocoa.
3. In 2002, the world’s largest chocolate producers pledged to make their chocolate products slavery free by 2005. They have not lived up to this pledge.

Growing Popularity
The good news is that more Canadians are buying into the Fair Trade ideal. In 2005, Canadians bought more than $3 million worth of Fair Trade cocoa products (compared to less than $500,000 in 2002).

As a consumer what can you do to help the situation. You can make a difference. As a consumer, you can influence your local grocer by asking them to carry more fair trade products by speaking to them directly or leaving comment cards. You can look elsewhere for the fair trade logo and shop there more frequently. You can also spread the word which is what I am doing here to raise the consciousness level. And you can speak to your friends and family and even your workplace, school, place of worship and community centres in you neighbourhood.

Once you find the products , make the switch from your old choices and purchase these fair trade products. Your consumer dollars will speak volumes.

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