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I Must Get Me One of These!

Posted by gottabkd on Saturday, February 24, 2007

I want this:

Carver One

Cause it looks like this:

Carver one top

And leans like this: and this:

lean right leanleft

What is it you ask?…..

It’s a covered motorcycle!… it’s a covered Trike!…. It’s a small car with three wheels and a way too cool leaning power. Let’s face it, everything normal leans when it is turned; planes, motorcycles, people on rollercoasters or in cars so why not this vehicle.

Banking is the only natural way to take corners. Bringing the centre of gravity towards the centre of the curve ensures stability. For a vehicle to be user-friendly, the banking should be done automatically rather than being set by the driver.

This was the basic concept when in the early ’90s

Anton van den Brink, founder and director of the Eurotool Group of companies launches an initiative to investigate the feasibility of realizing a so-called slender comfort vehicle, i.e. a vehicle half the width and half the weight of a conventional car. Indeed, studies demonstrate that more than 90% of all cars are only occupied by one or two people.
An enthusiastic group of engineers teams up with Anton van den Brink and found Eco-Car BV.

Actually it’s a Carver One…. that latest in small vehicles coming out of Europe that is definitely turning heads. The specs say it is a 659 cc, 4 cylinder, three wheeled vehicle that at top speeds it can go 115 mph on lead free Euro fuel. The top even comes off to give you that wind-in-the-hair feeling that motorcyclists just love. It is 3.4 m long, 1.4 m high and only 1.6 m wide at full tilt.

I say it’s way cool, although it is not yet available in North America. But when the emissions get worked out and the global roll out continues, it is expected to be available at around 45,000 USD for the basic model. It also won’t be available till 2008…Ouch is all I can say!! I wonder if Canada will want you to have a MC license to drive it, or will a car license be adequate. Either way, I already have both (and the rest of the alphabet licensing to boot) so bring it on!!!

Check out the full story of the Carver One here

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2 Responses to “I Must Get Me One of These!”

  1. Is that a trunk in the back too? Wow. That thing is slick.

  2. gottabkd said

    It’s a very small trunk.
    I suppose if only one was in it, you could use the second/back seat to carry your goods.
    It’s very slick….

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