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I Hit a Milestone Today…..

Posted by gottabkd on Monday, February 19, 2007

Not me personally, but this blog site…. Today I surpassed the 1,000 hits mark.  Honestly… I never thought it would happen, hoped it would happen faster but never-the-less I am glad I made it.. 🙂 .. It’s sooooooooooooo inspiring….

And with all the controversy surrounding whether or not these stats are real, where they are coming from and are they actual clicks or feeds…. I say who cares, I made it! 😛 …. I do find it encouraging.

I’ve only resided here at WordPress since November 2006, barely 4 months and yet somehow it feels like a life time… I wonder if that is because of the the learning curve which has been quite the ride. And I’m still here….. but that’s life right and everyday you should learn something new… A-n-y-who….

I want to thank all my fans/readers for making this a milestone (and a an actual blog entry)….

My one fan who clicked till they dropped and whose finger must be tired….

Just Kidding!!!!!

No seriously…. thanks for stopping by.. hugs to you all…. now could you comment a little more often…. come on, I know you want to!!! 😉 Don’t be shy… Cheers…

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