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Free Cookbook Offer

Posted by gottabkd on Friday, February 16, 2007

Those who know me know that I love a free offer, even if it is “just a download”. I love free samples, coupons, gadgets, and anything relating to cooking.

While watching The View the other day, OK it was last month, Kristen Davis from Sex and The City was on. She was talking about this new celebrity cookbook from Barillaus that was available for downloading off the internet. It includes recipes from 10 celebrities and Kristen was one of them.

Catch is the book is free! Yup, free to download . And the best part is that there will be a donation of 1 dollar for each download that will be made to feed the hungry, mostly children throughout the USA. Cool huh?

So go on over and get your free copy now and help someone less fortunate.

Update from the Barillaus website:

“We are so pleased to report that due to the overwhelming response to the cookbook, we reached our $100,000 goal by the 9th day into the campaign. Thank you to all of our friends for supporting this endeavor.

Although our goal has been met, the cookbook will remain available for download for the remainder of the month of February. We hope you enjoy the recipes.”

So you now only have till the end of the month to download your free copy.

Get it while you can….

Till next time…..


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