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It’s Valentine’s Day!

Posted by gottabkd on Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Yeah so what????

On a day when one may/should/could use it to express their feelings of “Love”, spend way too much on roses, dinner and a gift, I feel this Hallmark day is just another way for the big corporations to cash in on grabbing the money out of your wallets. I mean if you cannot express your undying love to your significant other at least once a week, then maybe, just maybe you need a therapist…. maybe. OK so maybe once a week is too much for you, but come on, do you really need Feb 14th to espress it?

Having ranted a little, I must say that trying to come up with “something special” is not easy for everyone. My advice is to pick something that your significant other is into. There are many options other than the usual flowers/dinner/chocolates that you could hone in on and have them customized to suit your needs. If it’s golf, then find golf things… if it’s photography, then buy all things related to photography.

One of my passions is Motorcycling, so if anyone cares to send me a little something relating to MC, here is my wish list:

Pounding Heart

10. A card with a motorcycling theme is well, just funny to me because if you actually found one you had to look hard for it.
9. Chocolate Motorcycles…. The candy kind. Good luck on this one.
8. A key chain with my MC brand on it. And no not just the name but a mini MC would be great.
7. A subscription to ANY MC magazine, especially if it’s Canadian.
6. A day at the SPA…. OK so it not related to MC’s but I could use the certificate after a long days ride.
5. Personalized accents on my bike, new custom paint or a tune-up.
4. A new MC lock so I never have to worry about theft. Not that I do, cause my bike it too heavy, but hey have you seen the new technology out there?
3. Any new accessory…. Helmet, gloves, rain gear, leather jacket or gift certificate for me to pick my own stuff.
2. A years worth of MC insurance paid in full. Two would be better but I won’t push it.
1. A Yamaha FJR 1300 in steel grey…. see my about page to get a look at it.

Now that would be the ultimate and one I won’t hold my breath for, but let me tell you what you would get in return…just kidding…. no really…. But if you know anyone who may be selling theirs, email me at with the details.

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