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Calling all women riders across Canada

Posted by gottabkd on Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Motorcycling is a male dominated world, with all things geared to men. Slowly the industry is begining to realize that more and more women are getting their motorcycle license and actually riding. Although the numbers of women riders is still low in comparison to men, it is changing. There are “groups”, gear, and manufacturers who are recognizing this and one of them is the MCC.

The MCC or Motorcyclists Confederation of Canada is implementing a nationwide survey for female riders across Canada. “The voice of Canadian riders” is a group for all motorcyclist who have a passion fro riding.

The foundation champions motorcycling interests and awareness for all riders who enjoy the sport. Being one of my passions, it is one of many websites I visit frequently, especially during the winter months, to keep “my passion for riding” flowing until spring, to see what’s new and check if there are any events coming up.

The MCC can be a voice of many when you feel all alone on issues covering those who ride. Today I noted they have implemented a survey for women and I encourage everyone to participate. You could be a female rider or a passenger, it really does not matter.

So go ahead and have your opinion counted. Here is the link Take Survey

While there, check out the site let your group know of their existence, show your significant other or just peruse the site.

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  1. […] completed the first survey back in February 07, the result are now out, and now a second survey is ready to be taken. Click on […]

  2. Andy said

    Oh, and did not know about it. Thanks for the information …

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