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This just in – Life is Short!

Posted by gottabkd on Thursday, February 8, 2007

Anna Nicole Smith

Wow, I just can’t believe it…. Anna Nicole Smith is dead. At the age of 39.

It’s very strange, in a life that was very strange…. that she is now “not with us“. Don’t get it twisted here, I can’t say that I am a fan or anything, but she has been in the media a lot lately.

I mean who was she really? A Guess Jeans girl, model, Playboy center fold, widow of a billionaire, mother of two, actor of her own reality show, spokesperson for TrimSpa tabloid fodder and someone who lead a troubled life.

I just read this headline on MSN and I really could not believe it. Yesterday, she was on TV ranting about the palimony of her second child and saying that she will never succumb to a paternity test. Now she is dead. She was even the “hot topic” on The View today with her “intoxication” being commented on. Her web page is nowhere to be found and Trim Spa just has a note on it’s page.

Now might be the time the “father in question” to finally get that test. This woman lead a tragic life and now is…. well….. gone.

Whoever does not say “life is short”, make the most of it, “live it fully” and do the best you can, is well…. misguided, because no matter who you are….

Life is short!!! You never know when your gonna go…. really you don’t…. you have no control over it at all.

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