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I Must Get Me One of These!

I want this: Cause it looks like this: And leans like this: and this: What is it you ask?..... It's a covered motorcycle!... it's a covered Trike!.... It's a small car with three wheels and a way too cool leaning power. Let's face it, everything normal leans when it is turned; planes, motorcycles, people on… Continue reading I Must Get Me One of These!

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Not-So-Bitter side to Chocolate

We all love it yet do we know where our chocolate is coming from. The Cacao industry has gone fair trade; meaning that they have joined forces to ensure that farmer, harvesters and traders provide a decent, fair and equitable wage to all those involved with the Chocolate industry. Chocolate products featuring the Fair Trade… Continue reading Not-So-Bitter side to Chocolate

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Awesome Sale at The Shopping Channel…

It's the twentieth anniversary of Canada's The Shopping Channel ... you know, the TV channel that offers great products at reasonable prices. The birthday event is on from Feb. 18th to Feb. 23rd during which time some of Canada's favourite brands will go on sale, easy pay for the whole time period, their usual 30… Continue reading Awesome Sale at The Shopping Channel…


I Hit a Milestone Today…..

Not me personally, but this blog site.... Today I surpassed the 1,000 hits mark.  Honestly... I never thought it would happen, hoped it would happen faster but never-the-less I am glad I made it.. 🙂 .. It's sooooooooooooo inspiring.... And with all the controversy surrounding whether or not these stats are real, where they are… Continue reading I Hit a Milestone Today…..