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Back to the Beaches…

Posted by gottabkd on Sunday, January 14, 2007


Since I really want to be on the beach, I thought I would post more pictures from my recent trip to Barbados.


It really looks like it will pour rain in this one, but actually it only rained for a few seconds..

Why is it that we run for cover, at the beach while in our swimsuits, when it starts to rain? I find this action to be a very strange thing, yet I understand that we don’t want our towels, shoes, books and other clothing to get wet? Once your belongings are covered though, is it necessary for the swimsuit clad you to be covered as well? Strange no?

In this next picture, it displays two of the six hotels that face this beach. All with beautiful ocean front views.


From this point, there were hotels for miles both left and right on the beaches. Nestled on small parcels of land, in between these hotels are guest houses and “apartment rental” buildings, that you can rent for a day a week or a month.

All of the beaches, no matter where they are located or who owns the land, are deemed public access and are made available to everyone on the island. Even if you own a multi-million dollar hotel, where the rich and famous stay,or a mega mansion, you cannot stop anyone from using the beaches directly in front of your property.

The beach does not discriminate against anyone, and this adds to the charm of Barbados…..


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