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What is a rider to do???

Posted by gottabkd on Tuesday, January 9, 2007

In winter, a season that for the most part, we Canadians are plagued with, Motorcyclists often wonder what to do with themselves during the usual cold months. Once we have bedded our beloved machines down for the winter’s nap we often have issues with what is next. Sure we can read, re-read our favourite motorcycle magazines, books and even watch our favourite shows/movies till the warmer weather dawns on us, but some of us want to get out there and see what’s new.

This past weekend I did just that. I went to the The North American Super Motorcycle Show (I mean really could the title be any longer?) here in Toronto and located at the Convention Centre on Airport Road. For $18 Cdn, I wandered through five gigantic halls containing all things relating to motorcycles.

This is the grand daddy of the shows offering everything you could think of to pimp your ride, pimp yourself, pimp your kids, and even pimp your pets. You could buy a new cycle, buy pre-used, enter your bike in a contest and see a leather show. You can drool over the newest models, accessories, and clothing. Or drool over the models of days gone by.

Img 0034

There are custom bikes with really fat tires.

Img 0038

And you can buy a trailer, to take you and your bike to warmer climes.

Img 0032

There is also fun for the whole family:

Img 0036


There is so much to see at this show that it does become over whelming, but that is exactly what enthusiasts want…. to be reminded of all things about motorcycling.

Being one of two shows offered during the winter months, The Toronto Motorcycle Show takes place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in early December. This is the show that we sometimes refer to as “the Dealer Show”. It’s offering are slightly different and concentrate mostly on the manufactures “Newest models” for the next season.

These shows are offered all across Canada and the USA, sometimes during the same weekends, for everyone to enjoy. The next set of shows start up again early in March, to give you the riding bug, and continue until riding season really begins in April.

These shows are for everyone who is interested in all things motorcycles…. so don’t worry, the snow will eventually melt and soon you’ll be back on your baby…. till then… take in a show in your area and stay safe.

Keeping the sunny side up and the rubber side down…

Till next time….


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