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No Matter How Much We Complain

Posted by gottabkd on Monday, January 8, 2007

about the weather, we as Canadians find that the first snowfall is always pretty and very magical.

Not so much this year, as the talk around the the water cooler these days is about how strange it is not to be freezing our tushes off and how there is no snow. Very weird for us here in Toronto, as by now we have usually had one or two good dumpings along with minus something temperatures, which for us is usually pretty cold.

This week however, Toronto had temperature in the high teens, almost breaking records from years gone by. And as for snow, well Vancouver BC has seen more snow than Toronto and is having a terrible time dealing with it.

I have noticed many brave motorcycle riders are still out and about on their two wheels, more so than ever before. They can been seen mostly during the day though as black ice can be very dangerous for anyone, let alone anyone on two wheels.

The environmentalists all claim that this is the affect of Global warming, bad emissions and the changing of the environment all over the world.

Having just returned from Barbados, it’s weird weather here and only wish there was more sun and temps in the 20’s…. Dry skin still abounds and the dryness inside the buildings still gets to me…

I would like to be around if/when and should Canada become a tropical country, but that’s not likely to happen in my lifetime.

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