Diamonds, Emeralds, Tanzanite oh my!

The Barbados dollar is $1.98 to $1.00 USD, but most places give you a two to one even deal. If the price is quoted in Barbados dollars, just divide by two to get the US equivalent. In order to pay the listed duty free prices, you must show a passport and a return ticket home.

Almost all shops have two or three sets of prices on each item, one for the locals, one for anyone with Euro dollars and another price in duty free US dollars. The prices listed were actually less in US dollars than they were at the Canadian duty free back home.

In one store, Cave Sheppard, which is a department style store, I perused the huge perfume area and noted how inexpensive perfume is. Perfume is the always Eau de Perfume, not the toilette type and the least expensive I have seen anywhere.

Vera Wang Sheer Veil 100 ml $72.50 USD, Miss Dior Cherie 100 ml $63.75, Vera Wang for men 100 ml $58.50 USD (eau de toilette), as just an example. But remember, all the women’s fragrances are the Eau de Parfum. For each of them, the 50 ml sizes were just $10 USD less making the 100 ml sizes the better bargain.

As usual, alcohol is dirt cheap, especially if you purchase the local made stuff, but even your popular favourites can be a bargain as well. Everything else is relative to prices back home, so know your prices before you go ( I went to Shoppers Drug Mart and investigated the eau de toilette prices before hand) so you know whether or not the bargain is really good, especially if converting to the USD.

If you have money to spend then jewelry is an awesome deal….. if you have the money to spend. Diamonds, Emeralds and Tanzanite were the popular choices this season, as well as pearls, gold and silver.

For my Christmas present from “me to me”, I bought a Citizens Eco-Drive watch for just over $200 USD, one that at home would cost me $500 Cdn plus 14% tax. I also bought a pair of Peridot earrings for $99 USD, sized at just over 2.02 carats. What a bargain!!

There are name brands everywhere. I was wary of this branding because it was everywhere , from the open air stalls to the department stores and wasn’t sure which was bootleg and which was not. To be sure, stick to the department stores and boutiques and pay the prices there. Always remember, if the deal seems to good to be true, it probably is!

There are many boutique stores along the main roads and the resorts also offer boutiques within. Some prices were obviously geared for the tourist crowd and more expensive than back home, but if you look for the sales, many bargains can be had. Just shop wisely and know your home countries prices and you’ll do fine.

Till next time….

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