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Coming to an end!!

Posted by gottabkd on Thursday, January 4, 2007

My time on the island is coming to an end, with an early, ungodly hour flight at 7 a.m. Yikes!!! All I can say is “I am not a morning person, so who in their right mind did this to me???”
The answer is simple….. I did… yup me… When I booked the flight I really was not paying attention to the timing of it all. First I thought that since I am a night owl, I could handle the midnight flight out of Toronto YYZ…. does it really matter what time one returns… well to me, apparently it does.

You see I need one more day at the beach, or shopping, or seing the things I did not see… So really I should have tried to get a later flight… one that does not require me to wake up or stay up, at 3 a.m to get to the airport for 4 a.m.

I must admit…. I do not want to leave this island! It’s not that I love it here, it’s that I am here, it’s hot and sunny and I don’t want to leave… plain and simple…. Although there is no snow yet in the TdotOh, it is grey there and colder than here. I want to stay!

The people are friendly, the food is OK and hospitality has been real warm. I can see why so many travel brochures indicate Barbados to be the best of the Carribean…

But my time has come and I must go… for now… and hope that I’ll be back here real soon…. As they say here…. no problem.. next time.

Till next time….


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