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It’s Expensive Here!

Posted by gottabkd on Friday, December 29, 2006


I must admit, everything is expensive in Barbados…. In order to be here over the Christmas holidays, one can pay the exorbitant prices and toss your money into the sea, or you can do your homework on the internet and look for a less expensive way to travel.

Resort prices start anywhere from 175 US per night and can go as high as 10,000 US per night, with the average being around 250 US. I knew this while planning for this trip so I did some internet surfing to find accommodations that were more reasonable. I found that you can stay in Barbados and rent an “apartment” for as little as 75 to 150 US. And that is for two people. So that is what we did.

We rented a “one bedroom apartment”, Melrose Place apartments , near the beaches, right in the middle of Christ Church or the St Lawrance “The Gap”. It is a postage stamp size of accommodotion, but who cares if most of your time is spent wandering Barbados. The unfortunate thing is they are doing renovations, which means you need to put up with the noise that can start as early as 7 a.m and not finish till after 7 p.m. But we have facilities to cook our own meals, and since we are right in the middle of the tourist section, there are restaurants, night clubs, supermarket, gas stations and shopping all within walking distance. Food is also expensive at the supermarket, but only if you want to purchase the name brands you do back home….  if you stick to the local goods, you can eat well and still stay within your budget.

Right across the street is the Lucky Horsehoe restaurant and bar. They offer a wide selection of food with prices ranging from 5.00 Bds (2.5 0 US) for fishcakes (love ’em) to 45 Bds (20.25 US ) for pasta. The menu consists of hamburgers, pizza, apps, pasta and seafood (way too expensive) and they are open 24/7 all year. They also have slots for all you gamblers.

The only familiar fast food is Kentucky Fried Chicken… which we have not tried yet, but will be doing that soon. I like to try the familiar FF outlets, just to see how different/the same they are to the ones back home. I am told that MacDonalds opened an outlet here and lasted only one week… Was not living up to the hype and therefore they are gone. The “local FF” outlet is called Cheffette. Here they sell chicken, roti, chicken, fries, chicken…. did I mention they sell chicken. Chicken is popular here, apparently Bajans eat more chicken per capita than anywhere else, and is either BBQ’d, baked or fried. Bajans also love thier fish, flying fish especially. I had a beef roti, which is a sandwich type wrap filled with beef and potato. Not as flavourful as my favourite Roti Hut back home, but for 5 Bds (2.50US), very inexpensive and filling. These Cheffettes can be found throughout the island and they do have a drive through. Another chicken place, is Chicken Barn, again across the street and next to Lucky Horseshoe. Here it’s all about the chicken and fries. I was not impressed because the fries were under cooked. I also find that in this area, the food is suprisingly bland. I am told that due to the high tourist rate, the spices and seasonings are left out…. supposedly this suits the taste buds of the tourist better and ensure them return customers. Too bad, because I find you don’t get the true flare of the local cooking that way. But right across the parking lot, is a place called Paradise Pizza, not sure why as they do not sell any pizzas, that sells Bajan home cooking…. Flying fish, maccroni pie, sheppards pie, chicken done three ways, rice and peas and salad. We purchased, one maccroni pie, rice and peas, salad and chicken for about 5 US, not bad considering your right in the middle of it all.

Home cooking at friends and family is just the best! I have had my share of it as my friend originated from this island. It is much more flavourful and the “Bajan way” is to offer some kind of food at every visit. Yummo is all I can say!

So when coming to Barbados, bring US Dollars (two to one exchange) and everyone takes the US dollar. Plan your visit well and be aware, the pictures on the internet may not actually be a real representation of where you’ll be located and what you will actually get in accommadations. 

Overall, I am comfortable with where we are and must now get back to the beach…. My time here is running out and I want some major vitamin D before I get back to the cold!!

Till next time….. 


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