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Rihanna on the Island

Posted by gottabkd on Wednesday, December 27, 2006

While shopping in downtown Barbados last Saturday, we were browsing in one of the main jewelry stores called Harrison’s. They specialize in Columbian emeralds. Very nice store with some very nice duty free prices, if you can afford them. I was looking at an $18,000 watch not realizing it was 18 karat gold with 36 diamonds around the face. Beautiful watch I must say, but way out of my budget on a paupers salary… oh well nice to look at none the less…

Behind me and out of my eyesight in walked Rihanna  one of the latest sensations to come out of Def Jam records this year. I must admit, I would not have recognized this young lady if weren’t for my friend who actually did recognized her. In person she looks completely different than the pictures on the official website at Def Jam records (click Rihanna above to see).

First off she is taller than I would have expected, about five foot ten, lighter skinned without the professional make up, and no offense to her at all, fuller in the face than in her pictures. This does not suprise me because she obviously was not in the made up mode that stars often move around in. She was after all shopping in her home country with only another female and one male friend who were so obviously not her security crew.

There she was not but three feet away from me and what does my friend do…. goes over to her and asks for a photo… I mean really, isn’t it obvious to you that she was not and did not want to be bothered by her adoring fans? Did you not think you would be intruding? I did and tried to dis-wade my friend from doing so. But to no avail. My friend walks right up to her and asks for the picture. I am mortified to say the least, but a little bit curious just the same. Will she or won’t she allow the picture to be taken?? My guess is no… not in the store and probably because she just wants to stay anonymous even in her home country…. I mean wouldn’t you? Oh well, a tourist is still a fan, even away from home.

Needless to say I was right… no to the photo because “apparently she is not allowed to take picures in the store.” Her words not mine. I consoled my friend by saying that it was her way of politely refusing the photo and then said “Why didn’t you ask her to take one outside?” Not the quickest draw in the OK corrale but my friend left it alone…. for thirty seconds… Then my friend turned on the video portion of the camera and pretended to take video of me, meanwhile filming her over my shoulder…. I was not pleased to say the least because it really was not fair to her. No means No!!

None the less, there she was captured on video right behind me… now if I could only figure out how to edit the video to not include me I would post it here for you all to see. Unfortunatley I can’t and my big head is in the way, so no video…. sorry guys but what can I say.

I hope Rihanna had a good Christmas with friends and family and I hope you did too….

Till Next time….


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