The Plane boss…..

Travelling late at night is not one of my better skills….. I’m a night owl by nature and figured it would be easy peasy to travel at night. I figured if I got up early the day of departure, I could sleep the flight away. So after waking at 5:30 am the day of departure, because …. well I was just so darned excited to be on vacation that I could not sleep, I putzed the day away by doing mindless things…. breaky at a local restaurant, go to bank to buy US dollars, then back home to do last minute packing… you know the things you do right before your trip. Needless to say I still forgot stuff… nothing major but it would have been nice to be able to listen to some chosen music while away. Not sure if I forgot to put them into the suitcase or someone removed them from my baggage at Canada customs?? Not sure why Canada would do that, and since there was no customs at BGI yesturday morning, I mean there is a customs office only no one was up with the crows working it. Since I was not checked by customs in the Carribbean,  I can only blame myself or Canada customs for my lack of music…. No music thanks to my stipidity or the five finger discount someone may have helped themselves to at customs…

I arrived for my check-in time of 8 pm because I could not check-in any sooner than that. My travel buddy drove the vehicle back home and waited for a friend to return them to the airport. Two and a half hours later “my travel buddy” finally decided to return to the airport after leaving me there all alone. I was not impressed needless to say and not in a very good mood when they returned. I mean really… I’m a big person, I can entertain myself, do a bit of shopping, eat some food, but two hours…. I would never do that to anyone so why do you think it’s OK to do that to me? I must admit that when we did finally get on the plane, it was a very quiet, non talkative flight that’s for sure. You see my mother always told me that if you have nothing nice to say…don’t say anything at all…. and that’s just what I did.

The plane was late leaving YYZ. I flew with Zoom airlines and was completely surprised to learn that a hot meal would be served shorlty after we take off. WOW!! At 1 am an airline will actually feed us a hot meal and not charge us for it. Quite the change from most other airlines who now serve nothing, let alone anything hot! If they do serve something, it’s always a cold sandwich and they charge you an arm and a leg for it. This hot meal was chicken with pasta, roll, cole slaw, spring water, coffee and something chocolate with white icing for desert. Also included was two glasses of wine, either red or white. Not bad considering the alternative of not much on other airlines.

Having never flown the “red eye” to anywhere before, this flight graced us with two inhouse movies, Elf and Pirates of the Caribbean. Neither were current and up to date, but again it was two movies, for a fee of 5 dollars for the headsets. This is a little pricey, but at least you could use them on the return flight home… now why didn’t I bring the headset from home that I had from another flight?… hmmmm

Duty free is not so free anymore…. I did my homework before I left to see just how much of a savings it really is and let me tell you at YYZ, it ain’t much!!! Ten bucks off perfumes, nothing really off of purses and leather goods, 7 bucks off a carton of ciggarettes. Now get this… the cost of one carton of ciggarettes was 47 dollars, the cost of a twin carton of ciggarettes was 100 bucks…. umm hello??? Where is the savings there? It would cost you less to buy two separate cartons than it would if you bough the deal of the twin pack…. Hello??? Just because we are travelling does not mean we have left our brains at home. So where/what has happened to the duty free? Back in the day, it truly was duty free, all taxes gone, off, nadda. But not now. The best savings is definitely in the alcohol, now where is my mai tai?

So the flight was actually long and boring and everytime a flight attendant passed me by they had no choice but to bump into me as the isle was very tiny. We finally arrived at arond 7 am and made our way through the customs open air terminal to gather our luggage. Yes, I packed too much stuff and no it never got lost en route. I would not have been impressed if they lost my luggage, after all that is why I checked in at the airport so early. We made our way to the postage stamp size of a one bedroom apartment and I checked in without any hassles. Not exactly the way the brochure pictured it but it does have everything you need….. and it is right in the “Gap” of a hot spot for tourists. Three minutes from the softest beach I have been on ever! I must admit that I never realized the ocean had so many shade of blue…. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L is all I can say. Beautiful and hot…. the sun will burn you up faster than you can pop toast, so I am glad there are clouds in the sky to soften the rays….

Must go for a dip now…. Till Next time….