Slow and Steady…

People move slowly here and I can’t say I blame them…. Slowing down is a nice way of life. I think that’s why we like our vacations, because we actually get to slow down…. Some people can’t though and still find themselves caught up in the hustle and bustel of the-day-to-day quagmire of everyday living. Not me. Even though while on vacation, I wake up early, stay up late, take an afternoon nap I still find it wonderful to slow down. When I was at the beach this a.m. I felt like I had been there for several hours, only to discover that it was only an hour and that had passed. Time just moves so slowly, yet I know that not to far away this too shall all come to an end…. one that will sneak up on me and I will be musing at how quickly the time flew by… but for now…. slow and steady as it passes…. love it….. Time for another dip in that lovely blue ocean…..

Till Next time…..

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