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All My Bags Are Packed

Posted by gottabkd on Monday, December 18, 2006

I’m ready to go….

Last minute running around tomorrow, money exchange, snacks for the over night flight and then hit the airport… The advisory letter from the travel agent, indicates to be at the airport 4 hours prior to the flight!!! Four hours!!!! Seriously??? No really 4 hours…. not gonna happen!!

I get that security will be busy but the flight is the last one of the evening, so how busy can the airport be. Let’s say the plane holds 300 people, that’ll take an hour to get through. And because it is the last flight of the night, security will be chomping at the bit to get their shifts finished, so they could be just a tad cranky…. looking to get home, maybe really tired and just annoyed. Put on a happy, smile allot and wish them all Seasons Greetings…. that should help get through easier, don’t cha think?

Oh well…. six hours in the air, 20 days on the beaches of Barbados….. I think I can handle it… Maybe I’ll just sleep on the plane… snooze so that after I get there, I can hit the sandy beach right outside my door, laze around in the bright sun and swim the day away.

I can feel it now and cannot wait for the next twenty four hours to pass…. hurry up would ya….

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