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This just in…. K-Fed…

Posted by gottabkd on Wednesday, December 6, 2006

…will apparently, being doing another reality show. Yup, you read that right!!

Only this one will apparently be based on all the stuff that he will be going through up-to-and including the actual divorce.

Can you say….. Show me the money!!!

Talk about a man scorned…. I mean really, come on now! How do you think that show will go?

K-Fed to his buddies: Ahhhh, my wife left me dude! And I had no idea..

Buddies: Yeah, she sure used you didn’t she!

K-Fed: Yeah and I’m going to get her back by going public. I know, I do another reality show…. I’ll show her!

Buddies: Yeah dude… won’t she be surprised!

Hey, get over it already, will ya… She left you, now grow up and move on…. or wait a minute… earn some money along the way…. I am sure “the public” wants to know all about it!

Please Britney… get some kind of restraining order against this will ya! I’m begging you. Not sure she will be able to though… oh well….

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