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Posted by gottabkd on Wednesday, December 6, 2006

still live at home. 11 million are males and 8 million are females…. all of them are between the ages of 18 and 34…

When is it time to move out? When should you “be on your own?” How old is too old to be “still living with Mom and Dad”… When is it OK to go back?

Some cultures embody the attitude of “stay home till you get married”. Others say “OK your old enough, time to go!”….

So how old is too old to be still living at home? Could you date a male or female who is still living with Mom and Dad? Is it more “OK” for a woman to be at home at 30 or is it just as “OK” for a man! Why? Why not?

I once knew a guy who in his twenties, became an got a really well paying job and was making 50K. At age 30, he was making 100K and still living at home. Basically, he stayed at home for eight extra years than “normal” to make his fortune before he moved out. I’m not sure who was more at fault… the guy for doing this or the parents who allowed it to happen?

On one hand…. Dude…Ewe! On the other hand, smart move…. and with the “boomer” rang effect happening (that is baby boomers coming home again) how old is too old?

Some of the boomers come back to be care givers and to me that is a good thing. They are giving back to their parents, what the parents gave them…. care/help when they could not provide it for themselves…. and that is OK. Some boomers allow their parents to “come live with us” which is a whole other can of worms. They often find themselves more like their parents than they ever expected… Things “crop up” and they hear themselves say things like “in my house…” Only later to realize “Hey I sound like you when I was at home!”

Every situation is different and every relationship is different, but the question in every situation should be ….. “How old is too old to be living at home?”

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