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K Fed doesn’t know his Spoon from his Flatware

Posted by gottabkd on Friday, December 1, 2006

OK, it’s Friday night and I’m at home packing for the trip. In the background and on TV is one of my new favourite game shows called “1 vs 100”.

It’s trivia, money earned at different levels, and chance, but the catch is you need to get rid of the 100 in order to to win the top dollar prize of 1 million dollars.

So tonights version is worth 3 million dollars has a mired of stars in the 100. Stars like 4 of the cast from the hit show Vegas, 7 Vegas showgirls, six card dealers and guess who?….. None other than Britney’s EX, Kevin Federline. Yup, you read it right K-Fed himself…. Apparently Bob Saggat (the shows host) and K-Fed met in the bathroom of a Vegas hotel and the rest is history….

Now here’s what I’m thinking…. “Oh he’ll get knocked out in the first round and if not then the second round for sure.” But surprisingly enough, K-Fed lasted until the fourth round, (what, making him a fourth grader???)

The fourth question was:

“In the nursery rhyme “Hey Diddle Diddle” the plate ran away with….”

A) The glassware

B) The flatware

C) The dinnerware (or something to that effect.)

Of course we all know the plate ran away with the spoon… so the answer is B. Now here’s what I’m thinking…. K-Fed has no idea about the rhyme itself, nor do his children, at least not taught by him and really had none of these memories from his childhood…..

Can we all say Ahhhhhhhh poor baby!

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