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It’s All About Perception!

The thing about life is that, at times, it can be oh so strange. There are times when we think everything is going right and then there are times when we think that everything is going wrong.

What is that and why don’t we trust ourselves?

It’s about perception. Our perception of what is happening, when it is happening is what triggers us to react in that particular way, at that particular moment. Right or wrong, our perception is the trigger!

Sometimes our instincts kick in and certain defense modes become apparent. Like when our survival is at stake, or our children are in harms way or our families are being threatened. These are normal and natural and are not what I am talking about.

Our perception of the events that are happening, is the key to whether or not, in our heads at least, it is really happening. Take for example someone who give you a compliment, saying something flattering to you. Your perception may then in turn question the validity of the comment. We may respond with a question to probe deeper into the meaning of what was just said, in order to decipher whether the compliment is genuine or not.

Why is it so hard to just accept it for the compliment that it appears to be and just say “Thank you” thus accepting it for what it is. And if our doubts stem from doubting the person themselves, then why can’t we be honest, up front about that, instead of hiding behind the question?

I often wonder if being more up front, more blunt shall we say, is the better way to go. I don’t mean being rude or mean. Just taking things at face value and accept it for what it generally appears to be, thus not worrying about nor allowing our insecurities to get in the way, that often lead us down the incorrect path of improper perception?

If you don’t like it change it, if you can’t change it, then change the way you think about it!

Hmmm I wonder….

Till next time