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Posted by gottabkd on Saturday, November 25, 2006

I can’t believe it…. one month until Christmas day….. one month!! And yet on this sunny November day when the temperature is way above the zero mark…. double digits in fact, I still hear the roar of motorcyclists in my neighbourhood.

This, at a time when I wonder how I will make it through the cold winter months, here in Southern Ontario that seem to go on forever. This is the time when most, if not all bikers are comtemplating the winter storage of their favourite passtime indulgence. Putting their babies to bed for this unpredictable season which ultimately always does come.

Yet, low and behold…. the die hards still ride. You know the ones….. they really don’t want the winter to come…. they want to ride, at least one more time, to possibly extend the season and get in one more joyful thrill of the open road and the wind in their faces.

Way back when I was young enough and feeling indestructable (or just plain foolish), I rode 11 months of the year. Straight through one of our toughest winters. Without batting a mascara covered eye lash I would get on Arnold and head off to wherever I was going. Then February hit, and hit hard. My street was not cleared regularly and therefore I ended up waiting for March come in like a lion.

But up to that point I would put on as much clothing as possible, plug in the heated vest, cover the face with a balaclava and off I would go. As long as I could get off my street I would ride. To work, to friends, to the store…. did not matter where, I would ride.

Looking back while watching the brave-hearted go out this November, I think to myself how silly that was. Yes I can actually say “Hey I rode 11 months one year!” and add to it “And I survived.” I do feel a sense of accomplishment coupled with stupidity. Sillyness to think that here in Canada 12 months of riding could actually happen….. NOT!!! I did have to try though…. But still, it was an accomplishment that not many riders would think of doing let alone try, especially with our whacky and unpredictable seasons.

Being young sure helped. So did stuborness. Also the “I can do anything attitude” didn’t hurt me. But being young gave me the courage to try anything… at least once. For the most part, I still carry that spirit with me today.

But as I gaze out the window and the lone motorcyclist passes me by, I return to my computer and find myself writing this, and wondering why I am not out there doing the same thing…. Is it the cold? The lack of courage or an age thing that says it’s smarter to park early than get caught freezing your nickers to the metal?

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