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They pulled the plug!

Posted by gottabkd on Tuesday, November 21, 2006

So they pulled the plug….. they actually decided that it was not in anyone’s interest to allow OJ to  get on the air let, alone put his book to market!!  😀

Both the show (two-parter to boot) and the book are now a no go!

All I can say is thank you, there is someone who actually has a conscience, even if OJ does not.

But the question is how did all this happen in the first place? Is it just freedom of speech and someone thought the people would want to know the details? Or was it a money thing? Money for OJ, money for the publisher, and hopefully money for his kids?

Money does talk and the freedom to write does exist. Look at everyone else who has made money from horrible things.

Take Paul Bernardo, the Scarborough rapists and his girlfriend who was in cahoots with him. They got a movie made about their killings and it was aired. People thought the same thing…. how could they make this story, what does the family think, and who is behind the making of it.

Point is, is it just a money making venture or is it free speech. Do we need to wait till OJ dies in order to “know” the facts? Will someone, somewhere eventually put the book to market? I think eventually it will go to market, once he dies or all the hoopla dies down. Look at all the other books written and just know that this story will eventually come out.

I’m taking bets….  😛

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