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What would your day be like without a little OJ?

Posted by gottabkd on Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What would your day be like without a little OJ? 

I’m talking about the man, not the orange liquid we add vodka to.

It seems like a lifetime ago that Nicole Brown was found dead in her home. In fact, it was! OJ stood trial in 1995, was found not guilty, and continued his life.

Most of us hoped that he would fade into the far corners of our thoughts and just disappear all together. For awhile he did just that.

Now, eleven years later he is re-surfacing in a big way. Not only by soon releasing his new book, but because the media is making it news. And eventhough his new book is titled in such a way for us “to think he didn’t do it”, most of us probably think he did.

Can you imagine! He could be making money off a crime he was never convicted for, and if  he really did do it, could actually tell the truth in his story, yet never say: “Hey, I did do it (and by the way, got away with it).

My first thought is that he must be flat out broke! And this is a way for him to earn money. Grosse.

My second thought is that double jeopardy, which says that you can not stand trial for the same crime twice, is working to his benefit, if  he really did commit this crime.

My third thought is have you no shame??? Profiting from the death of a women who gave life to your children.  What are you thinking? What do your children think? How do you think this will affect, not only them, but Nicole’s family as well? Do you care?

But then I think that maybe he believes that this is his way of absolving himself, getting it off his conscientous, clearing his burdened shoulders of the secrets he is holding.

Still, have you no shame? Do you really think this is a smart idea? Even if you really did or did not do it, I cannot imagine that any lawyer thinks this is a good idea.

But if money and noteriaty is what your after, well this may give you that, at least for another 15 minutes.

What do you think? Good idea, bad idea?

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