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Puff…. Where did the day go?

Posted by gottabkd on Friday, November 10, 2006

Wow…. this learning curve can and probably will, go on forever.

It kinda goes like this.

Jump right in and start. Do a few things…. then go read about how what you just did actually works, rather than how you think it works….. Try again…. Go read more on topic to master it for the next time…. Get tired…. Can’t be bothered… So go read/view other things to distract the learning curve, yet learn something else along the way… Leave for a while… Then come back and try again….

And before you know it…. puff… the whole day is …… gone!!!! Let’s not even talk about the week.
But it’s all part of hugging that curve and jumping right in isn’t it?
Happens….. the best thing one can do is grow more patient!! Let it all sink in….. Try again later, but do try again.

After all…. it is a good virtue to practice, Patience that is.

I think I’ll go get me some right now….

Till next time


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