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It’s all new to me!

Posted by gottabkd on Wednesday, November 8, 2006

So here I am, expecting no one to care, yet thrilled to be here. It’s all new to me and I’m diving right in.

Lately I’ve been told that in order to be recognized as a writer I must, well… write! So here I am doing just that!

Not really sure where this will take me but thrilled just the same. Seems like everyone is doing it, the blog thingy  I mean, with many different topics and much to say. Some good, some bad, all of it writing just the same.

So as time goes on and my orientation with this site continues, I hope to get better at designing my page and more provide more interesting writings in my blog.

Let me know what you think… good or bad….. all criticism will only help me to improve my writing.



6 Responses to “It’s all new to me!”

  1. It’s all new to me, too! I just started my blog yesterday and am enjoying looking at all the other writerly type sites. Have you checked out NaNoWriMo? ( It’s got me writing…7,760 and counting. Have to go try and catch up. Good luck on your blog!

  2. gottabkd said

    Thanks dangerousAngel I will go there and take a look… appreciate the comment.


  3. SkeptiC said

    Very nice…I just blab and write about whatever…hehehe. Good Luck with it all.

  4. gottabkd said

    You too

  5. I found you! 🙂 I’m smart that way I guess. Heh. Well, welcome to the world wide web and the world of blogging, the ultimate vanity publishing tool.

    Hey – I saw something I thought you’d be interested in. Check out I’m thinking about doing the cookbook for x-mas gifts.


  6. gottabkd said

    Hey JoAnn,
    Yep glad you found me all right….
    The site is way cool, even if you are not a writer…. think of all the possibilities…
    Sounds like a good gift to make…. go gurl.

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